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LCDI (Limavady Community Development Initiative) edit and produce "Community Link". A free publication with articles of interest to the local community and the work of LCDI.

Edited by Emily McNicholl

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January/February 1999
The Demise of Ace
With their peculiar sense of timing the TEA announced during the Christmas period that the axe was finally falling on the ACE programme. The programme has been systematically sliced away in recent years, it currently employs around 2,000 people compared to 10,000 in its hey day.   more...
Community Development Worker with LCDI
Community Development has become more prominent over the past few years. It is about helping people in the community to help themselves by providing support to develop their ideas and to work in partnership with other communities.   More
Making the Home A Safer Place for the Older Person
Do you know that as you get older you are more likely to have an accident in your home and as result the injuries sustained will be much more severe? Accidents are a major cause of avoidable ill health, injury and death.   More
Equal Access For All
The Limavady Access Group meet every six weeks in the Roe Valley Hospital. Our aim is to tackle access issues in the Limavady Borough. We believe in accessibility for all and this includes not only the disabled but also mothers with prams and the elderly.   More
Outreach Advice Service
LCDI is now offering a weekly outreach advice service. The service is delivered by Patricia Cosgrove and operates from eight centres in the Limavady area. The service benefits those, particularly the elderly and disabled, who do not have easy access to LCDI's main office.   More
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