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Sites of Particular Historical Interest

Mussenden Temple

Mussenden Temple
The temple was built in the 1770's and is situated on a cliff top with magnificent views over Downhill and Benone. It was built by Bishop Earl Fredrick Hervey and the gaunt remains of his resplendent mansion also remain. The temple, ruins and the attractive palace grounds are now in control of the National Trust and are open daily.

Reconstruction of a Rough Fort Martello Tower at Magillgan
The Rough Fort Martello Tower at Magillgan

This is one of the best examples of a prehistoric ring fort in Ireland. It is located just outside the town next to the main road to Londonderry. The site covers about an acre and is under the protection of the National Trust.

This excellently preserved fortified tower was built in 1812 as part of the British defences during the Napoleonic Wars. The walls of this small circular tower are over 9ft thick.

Dungiven Castle and Priory
The earliest mention of a church here is in 678 AD, however nothing more is known until the Augustinian Priory was founded in 1100 AD There appears to have been an abbey and Priory side by side. It was famous for teaching and attracted people from all over Europe. The most striking feature of the church is the monument to Cooey-na-Gall, a local chieftain who died in 1390 AD Adjoining the priory is the site of one of the oldest O'Cahan castles. After the Flight of the Earls a garrison was placed here under Sir Edward Doddington. Eventually the castle was abandoned and a new castle built. This was restored in 1839, but has been unoccupied for some time.

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